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Maki Nakao – Super Moon (2016)

Image: http://img156.imagetwist.com/th/11742/siqvhbbv7x4q.jpg

*Artist*: Maki Nakao
*Title*: Super Moon
*Year Of Release*: 2016
*Label*: What’s New
*Genre*: Vocal Jazz, Jazz
*Quality*: mp3 320 kbps
*Total Time*: 00:52:56
*Total Size*: 121 mb

01. Old Devil Moon
02. You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To
03. My Foolish Heart
04. Fly Me to the Moon
05. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
06. A Night in Tunisia
07. Alice in Wonderland
08. Misty
09. Afro Blue
10. On My Own
11. Black Orpheus

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Rachid Taha – Tékitoi (2004)

Image: http://img156.imagetwist.com/th/11742/4rxzjtpmc6kn.jpg

*Artist*: Rachid Tah
*Title*: Tékitoi
*Year Of Release*: 2004
*Label*: Wrasse Records (WRASS 126X)
*Genre*: Arabic, Rai, Rock
*Quality*: APE (image+.cue+covers) / MP3 CBR 320 kbps
*Total Time*: 1:12:48 min
*Total Size*: 501 MB / 175 MB (+5%)


01. Tékitoi? (Who Are You?) – Duet with Christian Olivier
02. Rock el Casbah (Arabic cover version of Rock the Casbah by The Clash)
03. Lli Fat Mat! (What Is Past Is Dead and Gone!)
04. H’asbu-Hum (Hold Them Accountable)
05. Safi (Pure or Enough)
06. Meftuh (Open)
07. Winta (And You?) – with Kaha Beri
08. Nah’seb (I Count)
09. Dima (Always) – with Julien Jacob
10. Mamachi
11. Shuf (Look)
12. Stenna (Wait up)
13. Ya Rayah (Oh, traveller)
14. Voilà Voilà (Here It Is, Here It Is) – Spanish version

*Tékitoi* is a studio album released in 2004 by the Franco-Algerian musician Rachid Taha. The title is a nonstandard spelling of the French question “Tu es qui, toi?” which might be pronounced in speech as “T’es qui, toi?” and, in the context of this song, means “Who do you think you are?” informally.
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The Bix Centennial All Stars – Celebrating Bix! (2003)

Image: http://img111.imagetwist.com/th/11742/7wl6ldfqptb2.jpg

*Artist*: The Bix Centennial All Stars
*Title*: Celebrating Bix!
*Year Of Release*: 2003
*Label*: Arbors Records
*Genre*: Mainstream Jazz, Trad Jazz, Bop
*Quality*: MP3-320
*Total Time*: 01:16:44
*Total Size*: 179 MB


1. At the Jazz Band Ball (2:49)
2. Proud of a Baby Like You (3:49)
3. Deep Harlem (4:02)
4. Riverboat Shuffle (4:32)
5. Davenport Blues (3:08)
6. Jazz Me Blues (4:28)
7. Blue River (5:19)
8. I Need Some Pettin’ (3:43)
9. I’m Comin’ Virginia (4:06)
10. Lonely Melody (3:22)
11. Clementine (5:07)
12. From Monday On (3:42)
13. Singin’ the Blues (5:09)
14. There’ll Come a Time Wait and See (3:58)
15. Borneo (3:52)
16. Clarinet Marmalade (4:16)
17. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans (2:56)
18. San (3:58)
19. Deep Down South (4:28)

Image: http://musdl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/download.png



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The Anita Kerr Singers – The Great Days Of The Big Bands

Image: http://img157.imagetwist.com/th/11742/2e6b27vagjjk.jpg

*Artist*: The Anita Kerr Singers
*Title*: The Great Days Of The Big Bands
*Year Of Release*: 2003
*Label*: Ak Records
*Genre*: Jazz / Vocal Jazz
*Quality*: Mp3 / 320kbps
*Total Time*: 48:44 min
*Total Size*: 110 MB

01. Take The ‘A’ Train
02. Begin The Beguine
03. ’round Midnight
04. Sunny Side Of The Street
05. Sentimental Journey
06. Hot Toddy
07. Stompin’ At The Savoy
08. I’ll Never Smile Again
09. String Of Pearls
10. Mood Indigo
11. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
12. Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
13. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You
14. I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
15. Early Autumn

“I was born in Memphis, Tennessee. My mother and father were born in Italy and were around 12 and 15 years old when they immigrated to Mississippi with their families. They came to the USA to work on farms, and then as the years went by they migrated to Memphis. By that time my father owned a grocery store.”

Anita Kerr was the vocal embodiment of the “Nashville Sound” which dominated country music throughout the mid-’50s and ’60s. Along with the Jordanaires, her group, the Anita Kerr Singers, were the seminal backing vocal unit of the era, and it is estimated that at their early-’60s peak, they graced fully one-quarter of all of the records coming out of Nashville’s studios. After touring Europe in 1964, she moved to California the next year to focus her energies on freelance production and songwriting, even as two of the Singers’ LPs, We Dig Mancini and Southland Favorites, were winning Grammy awards (in the Vocal Group and Gospel categories, respectively). In the later years of the decade, Kerr teamed with poet Rod McKuen for a series of mood-music records, titled The Sea, The Earth, and The Sky, for which the Singers were renamed the San Sebastian Strings and Singers. At the same time, the group were featured weekly on the Smothers Brothers’ sketch comedy program. By the 1970s, Kerr produced a number of easy listening records before moving to her second husband Alex Grob’s native Switzerland to compose music for films. Eventually, she returned to Memphis. ~ Jason Ankeny
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The Allergies – As We Do Our Thing (2016)

Image: http://img156.imagetwist.com/th/11742/rrmqgafozpfo.jpg

*Artist*: The Allergies
*Title*: As We Do Our Thing
*Year Of Release*: 2016
*Label*: Jalapeno Records
*Genre*: Electronic, Trip-Hop/Rap
*Quality*: mp3 320 kbps
*Total Time*: 00:49:26
*Total Size*: 114 mb

01. Intro
02. Blast Off (feat. Andy Cooper)
03. As We Do Our Thing
04. Sound Advice (feat. HypeMan Sage)
05. Heartbreaker
06. Real Thing Interlude
07. Flip the Scripture (feat. BluRum13)
08. Be with You
09. Seven Days
10. Rock Rock (feat. Andy Cooper)
11. Special People
12. You Wouldn’t Know
13. Love’s Supposed to Be
14. Infinito Interlude
15. God Walked Down

Image: http://musdl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/download.png



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Sy Oliver – Yes Indeed

Image: http://img111.imagetwist.com/th/11742/e7ye72gi4lxx.jpg

*Artist*: Sy Oliver
*Title*: Yes Indeed
*Year Of Release*: 2007
*Label*: Disques Black & Blue
*Genre*: Jazz
*Quality*: Mp3 / 320kbps
*Total Time*: 38:16 min
*Total Size*: 101 MB

01. Yes Indeed
02. Rumble
03. Creole Love Call
04. Pennies From Heaven
05. Zonky
06. T’aint What You Do It’s The Way You Do It
07. Undecided
08. Sophisticated Lady
09. Ain’t She Sweet
10. Sy Oliver -Move

Born Melvin “Sy” Oliver on December 17, 1910, in Battle Creek, Michigan, he left home at age 17 to play trumpet with Zack Whyte and his Chocolate Beau Brummels. He later developed his growling trumpet style in Alphonso Trent’s territory band. Oliver joined Jimmie Lunceford’s band in 1933, playing trumpet and contributing many hit arrangements, including “My Blue Heaven” and “Ain’t She Sweet.” In 1939, he became Tommy Dorsey’s main arranger, providing many hip arrangements for the group at the time (similar to Fletcher Henderson’s role with the rival Benny Goodman Orchestra during the same period). After leaving the Dorsey band, Oliver worked as a freelance arranger, including 10 years as musical director at Decca Records, during which time he presided over arrangements of recordings for Ella Fitzgerald. He continued leading his own nine-piece band through the ’70s and retired from the music scene in 1984. He passed away on May 29, 1988, at age 77. ~Bill Milkowski
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Image: http://musdl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/download.png



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Stimulus Timbre – Harmonic Discovery

Image: http://img156.imagetwist.com/th/11742/gg4vwzy3kf4x.jpg

*Artist*: Stimulus Timbre
*Title*: Harmonic Discovery
*Year Of Release*: 2016
*Label*: Cosmicleaf Record
*Genre*: Psychill / Downtempo / Chillout
*Quality*: Mp3 / 320kbps
*Total Time*: 57:15 min
*Total Size*: 131 MB

01. Stimulus Timbre – Awakened Soul (Intro) (feat. Lara)
02. Stimulus Timbre – Forces Of Nature
03. Stimulus Timbre – Positive Creations
04. Stimulus Timbre – Space Station 45
05. Stimulus Timbre – Dream Catcher
06. Stimulus Timbre – Afterlife (feat. Lara)
07. Stimulus Timbre – Space Station 84
08. Stimulus Timbre – Energy Of Life
09. Stimulus Timbre – Giganturia
10. Stimulus Timbre – Infinity

Stimulus Timbre returns for another deep chillout session on Cosmicleaf Records with a new delightful album. Smooth layers of mellow sounds and grooves. Floating melodies of innocence bounce around on bubbly beats and velvety bass-lines. Blissfully simple arrangements, infused with light and hope. Peaceful, motivating but deep music here for unforgettable moments of harmony.
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Nashville Cast – The Music Of Nashville Original Soundtrack Season 4 Vol. 2 (2016)

Image: http://img111.imagetwist.com/th/11742/14k7kwhhwcht.jpg

*Artist*: Nashville Cast
*Title*: The Music Of Nashville Original Soundtrack Season 4 Vol.
*Year Of Release*: 2016
*Label*: Big Machine Records
*Genre*: Country
*Quality*: Mp3/320
*Total Time*: 57:22
*Total Size*: 142 Mb


1. Can’t Say No To Love [feat. Will Chase]
2. Soul Survivor [feat. Jonathan Jackson]
3. Only Tennessee [feat. Clare Bowen]
4. Kinda Dig The Feeling [feat. Jonathan Jackson]
5. Swept Away [feat. Jessy Schram]
6. Moving On Never Felt So Good [feat. Chris Carmack]
7. From Here On Out [feat. Charles Esten]
8. The Rubble [feat. Clare Bowen]
9. Hole In The World [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
10. ‘Til The Stars Come Out Again [feat. Maisy Stella]
11. Caged Bird [feat. Aubrey Peeples]
12. One Place Too Long [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
13. Ain’t It Beautiful [feat. Chris Carmack]
14. Wild Card [feat. Lennon Stella]
15. Boomtown [feat. Hayden Panettiere]
16. All We Ever Wanted [feat. Lennon & Maisy]
17. Hold On To Me [feat. Connie Britton]

Image: http://musdl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/download.png



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Radius Funk – Cinematic

Image: http://img111.imagetwist.com/th/11742/hekyl322xwb7.jpg

*Artist*: Radius Funk
*Title*: Cinematic
*Year Of Release*: 2016
*Label*: Skyfollow Music
*Genre*: Jazz / Fusion / Rock / Funk
*Quality*: Mp3 / 320kbps
*Total Time*: 45:02 min
*Total Size*: 103 MB

01. Super Jelly 05:06
02. Downfall 03:31
03. Sapphire Bullets 03:31
04. Mysterious Past 04:09
05. Hypnotica 03:50
06. Undulation Swag 04:26
07. Hooters 04:36
08. Diamond Age 03:32
09. Picasso’s Blues Period 05:00
10. Frenetic Nights 07:15

Radius Funk is a progressive funk, jazz, ambient and rock band in the San Francisco Bay area dedicated to blending serious grooves and tight feel with mystery, intensity and improvisational flair. Versatility is their hallmark, from dinner jazz to spacey ambient to heavy funk rock. They provide motion for the body and inspiration for the mind.
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Image: http://musdl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/download.png



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Robert Jon & The Wreck – Good Life Pie (2016)

Image: http://img24.imagetwist.com/th/11742/00v7mqpxttf6.jpg

*Artist*: Robert Jon & The Wreck
*Title*: Good Life Pie
*Year Of Release*: 2016
*Label*: Spitfire Music
*Genre*: Blues Rock
*Quality*: MP3/320 kbps
*Total Time*: 52:09
*Total Size*: 121 MB


01. Rollin’
02. Bad For You
03. Good Lovin’
04. Good Life Pie
05. The Death Of Me
06. Hit Me Like You Mean It
07. Home
08. What Do You Say
09. Hey Hey Mama
10. Tightrope
11. Sweet Angeline

Image: http://musdl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/download.png



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